Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Wimbledon Fashion Week

While every blog, forum and website across the country will be swarming with Andy Murray’s victory over Robert Kendrick - it’s no shock to the system really, considering the 73 places between the two. One matter that has grabbed my attention over the past few days, is the peculiar clothing attire that certain players are modelling.

Roger Federer’s chic waist jacket, Serena Williams’s stylish trench coat and even Murray’s retro Fred Perry look has given tennis an unusual, but smarter appearance. It seems that style and impression has always played a major part in the English tournament, and in recent years we have been witness to blazers, trousers, cardigans and even manbags, mostly courtesy of Federer.

The warm up period prior to matches seems to have turned into a catwalk show, with players showing off their array of bizarre outfits. These clothes are obviously not suitable for playing in - not that they’re ever designed for it - but they don’t care as long as it gets the crowd and viewers remembering the name of the sponsor afterwards.

Wimbledon’s fashion statement just shows how the world of tennis is evolving, especially with players taking up role of the designer, and even having time off the sport to do so. Whatever next will we see on display, shirt and tie? Evening gown frock? Or even Murray showing his Scottish heritage with a kilt? Or will the ladies get their ultimate fantasy, with players deciding against any top at all?

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