Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tube Strike Halts England Fans

Anybody who has visited our nations capital will have more than likely used the very confusing, but efficient method of transportation that is know as ‘The Tube‘. For any visitor or tourist the complicated colours and lines can seem too advanced for its own good, but in fact the tube is one of the easiest methods of travel around and can transport you around London quicker than a car could.

Sounds too good to be true, it is until the one word we all hate to hear springs up…strikes. The only good strike I have ever known in my lifetime was when teachers decided to strike, just because it meant a day off school, but tube strikes in London causes chaos at the highest level.

Tomorrow’s England clash against Andorra has been hit by the announcement of the striking of London Underground workers, which is scheduled to start in less an 30 minutes time and will last for 48 hours. With no park or ride system in place, fans will find it very difficult to get to Wembley on Wednesday night.

Refunds will be available on all tickets purchased, with Capello’s side looking like they could play to a half filled Wembley as they continue their quest for World Cup qualification.

It’s a sad day when major, or even minor, sporting events are affected by such incidents. The only people who will be glad to see the strike put into power will be the sponsors who have paid their big bucks to advertise during the live coverage on ITV aka The Advertising Channel.

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