Monday, 22 June 2009

Robson goes into Further Education

We all know exactly how daunting it can be leaving secondary school for that all important, but necessary, leap to the real world, whether it be for further education or in search of that life pursuing ‘perfect job‘. The reality though can be hard hitting, one minute your king of the school, the next, your at the bottom of pack amongst the geeks and the rookies. One person who knows what I’m talking about, is wild card Laura Robson, who turned up to today’s match against Daniela Hantuchova on No 2 court after taking the huge step into the women’s game.

Despite being only 15 years of age, as we are reminded at every opportunity, she was not too far out of her league. Last year’s girls champion was the youngest player in the women’s draw since Martina Hingis in 1995, but with many expecting it to be a very one sided game, Robson had other ideas. 456 places lay between the two and after the first set, which Robson triumphed, it didn’t appear to be that obvious.

Although in the end the Slovak managed to use her years of wisdom and experience to claw back the game and ended up winning the next two sets, Robson showed positive signs that in a few years she could be a force to reckon with. A superb serve and a hungry apatite will do the youngster no harm in her pursuit for tennis glory.

The big step has already been taken by Robson, who must now start again at the bottom and work her way up but one thing is for sure, time is on her side.

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