Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Dutch

A week is a hell of a long time in the sporting world, where heroes can be created and dreams can be shattered. Despite the football season finally coming to an end, the sporting drama that we all live for continues and shows no sign of slowing down.

Apart from Saturday’s international clash with Kazakhstan, our fine nation has had to turn to something other than football for contentment.

The French Open, Lions tour of South Africa, Twenty20 World Cup and the Turkish Grand Prix have been this weeks main sporting events…oh and the never ending dispute of which money obsessed footballer will end up at the debt ridden Real Madrid *yawn*.

The Good...

Holland Twenty20 World Cup cricket team

Although the Dutch may have ended our World Cup campaign before it had even got started, nobody can deny the effort that was display during the curtain raiser at Lords. With Holland requiring two runs from their last remaining ball, it was Edgar Schiferli who managed to get nothing but a one run hit on the ball. Fielder Stuart Broad had the chance to save England’s blushes, but literally threw that opportunity away, to award Holland one of the greatest up sets in cricketing history.

England managed to regain some national pride with a 48 run victory over Pakistan, which now leaves Holland deciding England’s fate when them themselves face Misbah-ul-Haq and his men on Tuesday night.

England Football Team

And why not? Fabio Capello and his side are making history with every step they take closer towards next year World Cup finals. England have not hit a banana skin so far during the six qualifiers they have played, taking maximum points along the way.

Leaders of group 6, with an eight point lead, England show no signs of taking it easy, especially after Saturday’s 4-0 thrashing of Kazakhstan…I know it was only Kazakhstan but hey ‘I like.’

Roger Federer

Love him or hate him, you can not deny the fact that he deserves to be written into the history books along side the great Fred Perry, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi, Donald Budge and Rod Laver, after Sunday’s straight set win over Soderling. This victory now puts Federer among these greats, as one of only six tennis players to have won every Grand Slam tournament.

Now tied with Pete Sampras for the most Grand Slam titles won, Federer must surely be regarded as one of the ‘all time greats’ of the game -if he wasn’t before- and could possibly take that record further in just under a month’s time, when the Swiss ace arrives in our countries capital for this years Wimbledon tournament.

The Bad...

Rafael Nadal

If you’re a strong believer in Buddhism and karma, then you will believe that the Spanish number one is feeling the wrath of Federer’s successful week. First, Nadal sees his beloved 31 match unbeaten reign come to an abrupt end - hold those tears just yet- and then the reigning Wimbledon champion has been advised by doctors to sit out the up coming Queen’s tournament with a knee injury…cue the violin.

Andrew Symonds

When will cricketers learn? It can’t be that difficult not to go out drinking for just a few nights during a tournament, surely? Well for Australian all rounder, Andrew Symonds, it proved to be too much. After breaking team rules related to alcohol, the 33 year old was sent home before the tournament had even got under way.

Not only did Australia loose their opening match against the West Indies, very poorly may I just add, but it could also see his 11 year international reign come to an end.

And the Ugly…

Mclaren Mercedes

Although last year’s champ started way back in 16th on the grid and managed to finish in 13th, Hamilton didn’t have the greatest of races on the humid Istanbul track. Mclaren’s car just isn’t the world class vehicle that brought Hamilton 10 podium finishes last season.

Having declared his disappointment with the current season, Hamilton has already started looking a head to next year.

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