Friday, 26 June 2009

Federer 27 going on 21

Considered the best tennis player of all time, Roger Federer shows us no sign of slowing down just yet. After commentator John McEnroe yesterday used the phrase ‘veteran’, when mentioning Lleyton Hewitt, it made me ponder just how long Federer has left on the international circuit.

The Aussie, who fought off fifth seed Juan Martin del Potro, is only a single year older than the world number two. With Federer aiming to represent his country at London 2012, as well as expressing his desire for his first child to watch him play, we could find the Swiss to be around for some time.

Like any sport, the earlier you can develop as a champion, the better. Pete Sampras, who Federer recently equalled in Grand Slam wins, didn’t call it a day till the age of 32, shining light on the possibility of many more potential titles to come for the 27 year old.

His ability is unquestionable as good as it has ever been, but the physiological factors are against him. I’m not saying he’s turning into an old man, whose speed and power weakens over time, but he will have to alter his style of play against the up and coming young guns, who are hot on his heels.

Federer’s experience will shine over the next few years as he will make his opponent do the majority of the work, not that he doesn’t already. With the correct diet and training, we could see a David Beckham or Paulo Maldini of the tennis world, competing at the highest level.

After turning on today’s match against Kohlschreiber and witnessing the first game, that of course Federer won with two aces and not dropping a single point, he’s got the potential to take his Grand Slam record deep into the unknown.

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