Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Chapter Four: …And Kaka lives happily ever after

Well, it has finally been made official, Brazilian midfielder Kaka will join Spanish side Real Madrid on a six year deal, after the £56million deal was accepted by Silvio Berlusconi and co. With English sides Chelsea and Manchester City rumoured to have been interested in signing the 2007 Ballon d’Or winner, it was the Spanish side that were leaders of the pack come feeding time.

This means that Kaka now holds the world transfer record, previously held by Zidane in 2001 when the French international moved to Madrid. President Florentino Perez, back for Galacticos round two, will be looking to take Real back to the top of Le Liga next season and I doubt this is the last of the summer signings at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid’s finances have been a dispute of past times and surely must be once again. Over £400million in debt, just how can the second best side in Spain afford such record breaking signings? First of all, television rights allows media companies to buy individual matches instead of the shared system that is used in the Premier League, which helps them make £135million a year from domestic rights alone.

That figure is doubled what any Premier League side earns from television rights, which helps the Spanish club when transfer season approaches.

But who will be next on Perez’s shopping List?
Franck Ribery - The Bayern Munich winger has been linked with a move away from Germany in the summer, with Chelsea and Manchester United also reported to be interested.

David Villa - Currently at Spanish side Valencia, another club in debt, Villa did himself no harm with a terrific European Championship campaign last year. Price tag £40million +

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